Why do I get cancel action messages on planned orders?

Every time I lead a session for one of the many AXUG conferences or a class for the AXUG Academy, I always hear the following question: “Why do I get cancel action messages on planned orders. If [...]


Kentucky AXUG Chapter Meeting December 10th

Join us for the next Kentucky Chapter meeting on December 10th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm! Attend this in-person learning and networking opportunity with Dynamics AX peers in your area. Learn best [...]


Dynamics AX master planning performance and troubleshooting

At the recent AXUG Summit in Reno, I led or participated in a number of sessions discussing master planning. One of the things that seemed to come up in each of them was performance and how to [...]


Retained Earnings Translation with Management Reporter

When using Management reporter Microsoft states that manual journal entries should not be made directly to the retained earnings account. If manual entries are made then the company will [...]


Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance finds a new Council Member in Dynamic Consulting

Dynamic Consulting’s own Jon Stypula was named to the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance Council this month, adding to an already impressive team of individuals from academia, industry [...]


Dynamics AX on-hand form quantities

When you open up on the on-hand form in Dynamics AX, you are a greeted with a plethora of similar sounding field names.  Every time I open this form, I have to spend 5 minutes thinking about what [...]


Customer aging options in Dynamics AX 2012

Here at Dynamic Consulting, we hear a lot of requirements around how a customer aging report needs to look.  In some instances, these requirements are driven by external parties (like a lender) [...]


New Features in the Power BI Desktop Update

Recently a slew of new features were released for Power BI by Microsoft.  44 new features to be exact!  You’re welcome to read the whole article here on Microsoft’s own blog as [...]