Management Reporter in AX7 – No Separate Client!

One of the more interesting feature adds to AX7 is the ability to run Management Reporter reports right from within the AX7 browser window.  No longer is there a separate client to open to run [...]


Analyzing SELECT statements using SQL Server Profiler

I recently had an issue when trying to create a new integration for the Dynamics Connector between Dynamics AX 2012 and CRM.  The Connector integration would run, but no records were returned [...]


Setting and resetting session date and time using X++

Many users are aware that in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 the session date and time can be changed by going to File > Tools > Session date and time. This can be used to back date transactions [...]


Procurement and sourcing report country/region problem

On some installations of Dynamics AX 2012, reports that should be summarizing the data by country or region do not display the data correctly. You will notice this when displaying reports in the [...]


Currency conversion in standard AX 2012 Analysis Services cubes

While accessing reports in the Procurement and sourcing module, you may notice a handful of reports that allow you to choose a currency for the results to display.  Specifically, reports in the [...]