MRP Walkthrough

Confusion about the master planning module in Dynamics AX is common among customers both new and old.  Whether you’re currently implementing or have been running MRP for a long time, [...]


Main Account Templates

Do you want to save time adding Main Accounts, or have a need for some consistent setting to be applied across groups of similar Main Accounts? Maybe you just do it so infrequently you’d like [...]


Dynamics AX on-hand form quantities

When you open up on the on-hand form in Dynamics AX, you are a greeted with a plethora of similar sounding field names.  Every time I open this form, I have to spend 5 minutes thinking about what [...]


Customer aging options in Dynamics AX 2012

Here at Dynamic Consulting, we hear a lot of requirements around how a customer aging report needs to look.  In some instances, these requirements are driven by external parties (like a lender) [...]


Making a saved query a favorite in Dynamics AX

Here is a tip that lots of users I encounter have not seen before. Although plenty of people use favorites in Dynamics AX, they often miss out one of the best pieces of functionality. In Dynamics [...]