This is a follow-up post to our previous blog about migrating from GoDaddy 365. If you haven’t read that, we do recommend starting there to understand why this is important.  Much like moving into a house from an apartment, the move from GoDaddy 365 to Microsoft 365 requires planning and preparation. Below we will review 5 topics we cover with our clients when working on GoDaddy 365 migrations.  


1.Take inventory of your licenses 

As mentioned in our previous post, GoDaddy only offers a few different licenses on the Microsoft 365 platform. Still, GoDaddy also gave them new names, which, of course, do not match up to Microsoft 365’s names. Therefore, it will be important to know which users have licenses and translate them into Microsoft’s offerings.  

  • GoDaddy Online Essentials -> Microsoft 365 Business Basic 
  • GoDaddy Business Premium -> Microsoft 365 Business Standard 
  • GoDaddy Premium Security -> Microsoft 365 Business Standard with 3rd party security features 

2. Take inventory of your active user accounts 

In GoDaddy’s version of Microsoft 365, an email address will need to be licensed to have a mailbox, even if it is a shared/service account (Like [email protected] or [email protected]). Additionally, if a user has been off-boarded and you were interested in keeping their email active, this too would need to have a license with GoDaddy. Once migrated over to Microsoft 365, these are called “Shared mailboxes” and do not require a license to maintain the email in them. Take inventory of what addresses are real people & which ones can be shared mailboxes to save money on your monthly email service plan

 3. Take inventory of your Teams 

If your company has GoDaddy Business Premium or GoDaddy Premium Security, there is an excellent chance that Microsoft Teams was also used. We will not sugarcoat this, but migrating  Teams is not easy. First, make a list of which Teams have been created, if there have been any private channels created, and how much storage is used by the files. This is a similar concept to trying to move several storage lockers into your new house.  

4. Prepare the userbase for more features 

On the surface, the userbase may not see much of a difference on the Microsoft 365 platform, but Teams end-user training is one of our most requested add-on services post-migration. In addition to Teams, the userbase will have access to Planner, Microsoft Lists, SharePoint, OneDrive. Much like moving into a new house and having a yard for the first time, there is a lot to explore and encourage your userbase to try. 

5. Canceling your GoDaddy 365 service 

It’s important to know that we have only been talking about the GoDaddy email services and not any of the other services offered by GoDaddy. In your preparation to cancel your services with GoDaddy, make sure you are only canceling the email services and not website hosting or domain name hosting (for example). This is done post-migration as if it is done during the migration, and they will delete your company data right away.  


As said at the start, the move from GoDaddy 365 to Microsoft 365 is much like moving from an apartment to a house. There is more room to stretch out and places to explore, but it still requires planning and preparation. We take with our clients to ensure we have all aspects covered and work with them post-migration with any hiccups that might have occurred on devices. Please reach out to our team to get a quote on what a migration would look like for your organization.