Microsoft Dynamics 365 2019 License Changes

Licenses today Microsoft Dynamics Licensing has been in flux for several years. From Business Ready, to Business Value licensing, Concurrent and Named users, Module based, to role based and back [...]

Microsoft Dynamics Hashtags

Dynamics Product Names and Dynamics Hashtags Microsoft Marketing team likes to keep us all on our toes and the most recent product name and pricing changes are no exception. It’s no wonder [...]

Outlook and Dynamics 365 mobile apps for iOS

Easy sales management with Outlook and Dynamics 365 mobile apps for iOS If you haven’t installed it yet, take a look at the Outlook mobile app for iOS on Apple’s App Store. This is a must have [...]

Project Service: Decoding Security Errors

After upgrading to the latest version of PSA, we had some users send in reports of security errors when performing some common operations. The errors look something like this: At first glance, [...]