Microsoft Dynamics 365 2019 License Changes

Licenses today Microsoft Dynamics Licensing has been in flux for several years. From Business Ready, to Business Value licensing, Concurrent and Named users, Module based, to role based and back [...]

Welcoming Microsoft MVP, Shawn Dorward!

The Dynamic Consulting team is excited to welcome Shawn Dorward as a Practice Manager, SMB Delivery and Strategy.  Shawn has been in the SMB space for over 20 years, working as both an end-user [...]

Skype is dead

Skype is Dead; Long live Teams Like Thanos from Marvel’s Avengers, Teams is inevitable. Microsoft has been rather vocal about its intent to put to sleep Skype for Business Online (The Skype [...]

Musings on security

We at Dynamic Consulting take our and our customers’ digital security safely.  We feel, though, that one of the best ways to improve digital security on a global scale is by improving [...]

Number sequences in Electronic Reporting

I’ve been doing a little bit of work with the Electronic Reporting engine in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, and I ran into a little trick that I wasn’t able to find listed [...]

User group meetings

Dynamic Consulting has been, over the years, participating in AXUG, GPUG, and CRMUG meetings.  We’ve been attending Summit regularly since 2011.  This page serves as a landing page for our [...]

Expense Reports Reimagined

With version 10.0.3 for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO), released a few weeks ago, comes a ‘re-imagined’ expense report. The new Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations expense [...]