D365/CRM Opens Too Many Windows! [Solved]

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Dynamics 365/CRM has offered support for Chrome and Firefox for quite some time now, but to be honest I’ve been slow to adopt them over IE due to one feature: “Always open pop-ups in a new tab”.

D365CE - internet explorer pop-up settings

This setting ensures that all the windows that normally open as a pop-up in a new window (such as Advanced Find or a Solution or a Form), open in a new tab instead.

It’ll bring your screen from this:

D365 - too many new windows

To this:

D365CE - tabbed windows

Ahh, everything in the same window. This makes it easy to stay organized, especially when working in multiple environments at the same time.

This is great, but I’m not always using IE. So today, after getting frustrated with hitting alt + tab twenty times, I spent a few minutes and found a solution for both Firefox and Chrome. These solutions have probably been available for as long as cross browser support, but they’re new to me so I thought I’d share:

Open a new tab and type “about:config” and hit enter. Accept the warning about voiding the warranty, and on the preference screen, type “browser.link.open” in the search. Find the entry for “browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction”, double-click it and change the value to 0, and close the tab.

D365CE - adjusting pop-up behavior in FireFox

Instead of editing the browser settings directly, Google prefers to use an extension to modify the browser behavior. There are a few extensions available that enable pop-up control, and I’ve found that TPC (Tab Position Controller) works well.

Click the link below and then add the extension to Chrome:

Then open the TPC options and check the “Open pop-up window as a new tab” option under Miscellaneous.

D365 - open pop-up window in new tab

When you open Advanced Find or a Solution or a Form, you’ll briefly see the pop-up open as a new window, but it’ll automatically pop back in to your main window as a new tab.

Whether you’re a CRM consultant, administrator or user, if you prefer Chrome or Firefox, this trick should help you keep your desktop more organized and save you a few alt + tabs.


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