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Big projects need more support

ERP and CRM implementations are some of the largest and most complex projects many corporations undertake.

And for good reason.

These business applications support operations, finance, marketing, and sales. They can take your business to new heights by streamlining processes and finding departmental synergies. They can also hold your business back. ERP implementations are difficult to execute. Gartner’s research recently reported that 75% of ERP projects fail on the first attempt. Finding a Microsoft partner with the right expertise becomes a critical aspect of your implementation project.

Why Choose Us


We have direct experience implementing everything from small CRM systems to large, enterprise-wide ERP projects. Our consultants work not only as technical implementors but also understand the human side of project management. We know common pitfalls and how to navigate large, multi-milestone projects.


A great Microsoft Dynamics partnership only works when you have a dedicated communicator on your side.  Your ERP/CRM project needs people who can quickly understand how you do business today and what transformations need to take place. We focus deeply on the people side of a project, so the transition to new systems and processes feels natural.


Your industry has a completely unique set of operational and sales processes. Dynamic Consulting specializes in Manufacturing, Field Service, and Professional Service industries. We create implementation plans that work for the people in your industry. This means deeply understanding language, technology, and unique requirements that need consideration for success.

Microsoft and Dynamic Consulting: A partnership you can count on

As a team, we hold a Microsoft Gold Competencies in Enterprise Resource Planning and Cloud Platform. We also have Silver competency in Cloud Customer Relationship Management. As a Microsoft managed partner, we invest heavily in our relationship with Microsoft, both as an escalation path of support for our clients, and so we can participate in the evolution of the product. When you choose Dynamic Consulting, you’re getting an expert team supported by the brightest minds at Microsoft.

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Let us help you envision what your business can look like with Microsoft Dynamics. With a high-level diagnostic of your processes and pain points, we’ll demonstrate to you the power of Microsoft Dynamics matched to your business processes.


Play with a working Prototype

We prototype your workflows so you can see how the system will work for your business. You’ll be able read the results of your diagnostic while playing with a working version.


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We sign off on a timeline and all project milestones. We plan and budget the entire process together with all stakeholders, so all expectations from your business units have the ability to ask questions and voice concerns.

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