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Is your ERP and CRM ready for the future?

If you’re thinking about implementing a small, industry-specific ERP/CRM you might want to think again. These applications, while appealing on the surface, aren’t designed to grow with the specific needs of your business. This gives them a short shelf life, forcing you to re-implement sooner than you want. You need an ERP that can be configured and tailored to the unique demands of your organization. An application that will stand the test of time, and continue to meet your company’s requirements no matter what direction your business takes.

Manage better business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Choosing Dynamics 365 delivers a better understanding of your business by connecting your data together, applying intelligence, and integrating applications. You can extract insights and turn them into action. Giving you the ability to make better decisions with more robust and flexible capabilities.

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Dynamic consulting delivers successful and strategic implementations

You need to deploy ERP/CRM applications with consultants who are experienced in enterprise-level integrations and have a track record of successful implementations.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Dynamic Consulting only hires experienced consultants. Our solid processes combined with a wide breadth of knowledge across multiple industries places us in a unique position to deliver and guarantee successful integrations for all our clients. We’ve seen it all. There’s no rock we haven’t turned. Together we can help you configure and integrate the best solutions for your business.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for every industry

Field Service

Optimize your field service management with Dynamic 365’s full suite of tools that will organize service locations, agreements, customer assets, maintenance requirements, work orders, product inventory, scheduling, dispatch, customer billing, and analytics.


Operate smarter and faster with the right digital tools. Adding Dynamics 365 to your organization will enable you to enhance customer relationships, streamline assets, improve productivity, and make the best decisions for available resources.

Professional Services

Build and retain loyal client relationships with a CRM/ERP system that offers the ability to deliver transparent customer service. Dynamics 365 also increases employee productivity so they can deliver more projects on time and on budget.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 works for you

Your Path, Your Way

Modern, modular apps that offer tangible and precise help for each function from end to end. They work seamlessly together and with your existing systems, so you choose the right path for your organization.

Make Smarter Moves

Create more value by making it easier to take in signals from every part of the organization, learn from them, and take the actions that make the most impact.

Thrive as Your Business Changes

As things change from quarter to quarter, or even from second to second, Dynamics 365 can be customized to business needs. Plus, with the Microsoft Power Platform, it’s easy to extend, tailor, and create customized solutions with Dynamics 365 to meet your unique business requirements.

A Unified and Scalable Platform

Work seamlessly with the Microsoft products your organization already uses and scale with the Microsoft cloud. A common data model and deep integration with Dynamics 365, Office 365, LinkedIn, and other data sources create a single view of processes, relationships, and data.

Don’t get stuck with an ERP/CRM that fails to deliver


Choosing an ERP/CRM only specific to your industry may not be the best for your business needs. Over time it will fail to meet your organizational goals. Microsoft Dynamics has the power and flexibility to work for everyone. With built-in industry-specific capabilities combined with the power to configure, Dynamics 365 will dramatically change the way you do business.

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