Use a proven, repeatable methodology
that works.

Dynamic Consulting will implement your business software simply and correctly the first time.

Improving the industry standard

Dynamic Consulting takes the established Sure Step methodology from Microsoft, and customizes it to work for your organization, on your time frame.


Our tested process covers every phase outlined by the Sure Step methodology. We begin with an in-depth Diagnostic session. Our team will work with you to understand your specific company, industry, and IT requirements. Next, we Analyze the entire project, creating a realistic timetable for building, testing, and implementing your solution. The Design phase is where Dynamic Consulting creates the outline of your system. We then Develop the components of your ERP based on your exact needs. Finally, the solution is ready for the Deploy phase, where data is migrated, users are trained, and the system goes live. As you Operate your new ERP, Dynamic Consulting continues to work alongside you to ensure you’re getting the most from Dynamics 365.

Too Many implementation providers have no reliable methodology.

This is more than just a small project for your business. We get the risk involved with picking a vendor to work with. But when you hire a implementor, how do you know the person managing your project can deliver what you were sold?


A strong methodology drives a predictable outcome and is critical to your success. Everyone at Dynamic Consulting believes that. Our methodology is strong enough for any implementation, and agile enough for any industry or individual business.


Dynamic Consulting's process is powerful, and adaptable. That separates us from other implementation providers.

This isn’t your grandmother’s “waterfall” project. By designing and executing sprints on vital components of your system, we take care of your priorities, find potential failure points faster, train your team sooner, and actually create an implementation that makes sense for you.

Sprints are planned workshops, intended to design, test, and deploy crucial or difficult parts of the system at specific times.

These workshops give us the opportunity to find failure points more quickly, build solutions, and overcome these hurdles.

We prioritize clear communication at all times, using sprints as windows to the larger methodology at work on your system.

One in three implementations fail. But not with Dynamic Consulting.

1. Diagnostic

Working on-site with you, our team will learn your business, your company, and your exact requirements for Dynamics 365. We will create an in-depth quote that addresses your specific needs and pain points through a custom built “Solution Blueprint.”

2. Analyze

Based on the identified requirements from the Diagnostic, we’ll evaluate your desired future state with respect to your current process and Dynamics best practices. This deep dive allow us to pinpoint conflicts and hurdles before they become serious problems or require costly customizations.

3. Design

Once all use-case requirements are understood and documented, design begins on system components. Our experts will then start to craft Dynamics 365 into a powerful platform that fits your company exactly.

4. Develop

The development phase of your project is where the rubber meets the road. Using our extensive experience and knowledge, Dynamic Consulting will build and test each component of your solution to the highest standards.

5. Deploy

As components come online, migration to the new system begins. All procedures are fully documented, your users will receive in-depth training, and your ability to do business will never be impeded. Dynamic Consulting makes implementation painless.

6. Operate

Equipped with Dynamics 365, you now have a system to propel your company into the future, fueling growth. Dynamic Consulting will continue to work alongside you as you use the system, providing support for this crucial new component of your business.

Dynamics 365 delivered by Dynamic Consulting: the combination your business needs to truly move forward.

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