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Microsoft Marketing team likes to keep us all on our toes and the most recent product name and pricing changes are no exception. While we continue to work through the details of each product and how they can be bundled and sold (and even as newer products launch all the time) it would be nice to agree as a community to a standard for short hand references, or Dynamics “hashtags”, of each different application.

Sure, sometimes it could come in handy when writing an email or developing system documentation. But mostly, I think a concise list of social media hashtags are needed to easily search for the correct product. Even for Bing results or sorting, I think we should agree to some unique identifiers to keep the products in line. So below I’ve started to list out some of the most common hashtags I use when talking about some of my favorite Dynamics products. Even if this list doesn’t go any farther than our own marketing, I hope it helps our readers keep track of what we mean.

If you’d like to suggest changes or additions, please let us know or tweet at me with ways to improve. Feel free to use and build on this list all you like. We’re in this together, and the easier it is to quickly describe which product(s) we mean the better for everyone involved.

In Market Dynamics Cloud Hashtags

#MSDyn365 – Broadly speaking any Dynamics 365 product

#MSDyn365FO – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
#MSDyn365Talent – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent
#MSDyn365Retail – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail
#MSDyn365UO – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations (Including Finance and Operations, Talent and Retail)

#MSDyn365Sales – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales App
#MSDyn365FS – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service App
#MSDyn365CS – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service App
#MSDyn365PS – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation App
#MSDyn365CE – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (Including Sales, Field Service, Customer Service and Projects)

#MSDyn365BC – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

#MSDyn365CI – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
#MSDyn365SI – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights
#MSDyn365VA – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent
#MSDyn365AI – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence
#MSDyn365Fraud – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud

#MSDyn365Layout – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Layout
#MSDyn365Guides – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides
#MSDyn365RA – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist
#MSDyn365PV – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Visualize

Proposed Dynamics Cloud Hashtags after October 2019

#MSDyn365FO – Discontinued after October 2019 (Replaced with #MSDyn365UO or the individual app)
#MSDyn365Fin – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance
#MSDyn365SCM – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 SKU

Dynamics 365 Placemat with Social Hashtags


On-Premise Dynamics Products

#MSDynAX – Microsoft Dynamics AX
#MSDynCRM – Microsoft Dynamics CRM
#MSDynGP – Microsoft Dynamics GP
#MSDynNAV – Microsoft Dynamics NAV
#MSDynSL – Microsoft Dynamics SL

Other Key Hashtags

#BizApps – Microsoft Business Applications
#PowerBI – Generic PowerBI posts
#PowerApps – Anything related to PowerApps
#PowerPlatform – A broader reference to the suite of Power products
#PowerAddicts – Those folks who can’t get enough of the PowerPlatform
#MicrosoftFlow – Microsoft flow, which sometimes also goes as #MSFlow
#CDS – Common Data Service

#Office365 – Office 365 and the underlying apps
#MSTeams – Microsoft Teams
#Azure – Azure as a platform or a service
#Hololens – Anything related to the Hololens device
#AR / #MR – Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality

#D365UG – Dynamic Communities Dynamics 365 User Group
#AXUG – Dynamic Communities Dynamics AX User Group
#CRMUG – Dynamic Communities Dynamics CRM User Group
#BCUG – Dynamic Communities Dynamics BC User Group
#GPUG – Dynamic Communities Dynamics GP User Group
#NAVUG – Dynamic Communities Dynamics NAV User Group
#SLUG – Dynamic Communities Dynamics SL User Group
#PBIUG – Dynamic Communities PowerBI User Group
#DynamicsUG – Dynamics User Group
#DirectionsNA – Directions North America
#DirectionsEMEA – Directions EMEA
#Dyn365mtup – Microsoft Dynamics Meetups
#D365Sat – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Saturdays
#MSInspire – Microsoft hosted conference for Partners typically in July each year
#MSIgnite – Microsoft enterprise event for cloud, data, business intelligence, teamwork, and productivity topics
#MSBuild – Microsoft conference aimed towards software engineers and web developers using Windows, Azure and other Microsoft technologies
#UGSummit – Dynamic Communities Annual User Conference Typically in the Fall of each year
#BizAppsSummit – Microsoft technical conference covering all of the business applications typically in the Spring of each year
#IAMCP – International Association Microsoft Channel Partners
#MSPartner – Microsoft Partners

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