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What the Microsoft Learning Portal did for me

I found myself in need of a Microsoft Certification and was looking for a way to prepare without attending traditional classroom training. I needed the flexibility to do my training whenever I could and wherever was convenient for me. The Microsoft Learning Portal turned out to be exactly what I needed! I have outlined, below, my journey to get my Certification using the Learning Portal.

First, I entered Partner Source.

Then I clicked on the “Readiness& Training” drop down and selected “E-Learning”

How to access the DLP from PartnerSource

PartnerSource Dynamics Learning Portal Link

I used the SEARCH box and entered the exam I want to take: MB2-717

Dynamics Learning Portal site content bar

Search site content bar in the DLP

The Portal brought back some great information related to the exam. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Certification Exam Preparation Guide includes:

– Target Audience

– Exam Specifics

a) Skills being measured

b) Time Requirements

c) Link to register for exam

– Exam Preparation Tools

a) Displays the classes I need to take

b) Gives me the ability to create a Learning Plan

I can add any classes I want to the Learning Plan.  With this portal, I added the classes to My Learning Plan that were needed to prepare for the exam.

Learning plan created when classes were added in the DLP

Learning plan generated by the DLP

This is where it got a little confusing. I logged out of Partner Source intending to resume at a later time. When I logged back into Partner Source, I realized I had no idea how to access My learning plan. After a significant amount of searching on the E-Learning site I found a link to a video that was very helpful. This is how I got there:

I selected “CRM”

Click here to learn more about the DLP

CRM selector in the DLP

I clicked on the “here”-> link under “Learn More.”  These videos can be very helpful!

DLP introduction videos

Introduction videos from the DLP

After watching a video, I realized I needed to Click on “My Learning Plans”.  This was confusing as this option is on a secondary menu bar. See below:

Classes found in My Learning Plans in the DLP

Individual classes in DLP

Once I figured how to access the learning plan, multiple clicks were required to get into the classes and begin training.

How to build a course

Step 1:

Click on the icon of the class you want to take from your learning plan. (Defaults to the “Overview” tab.) This information is very helpful as it can help you decide the order in which you should take the classes.

81066AE course description in the DLP

Course descriptions in the DLP

Step 2:

Click on “Module” tab. You will be presented with all the modules in the class.

Agenda for a course in the DLP

Modules and agenda for 81066AE in the DLP

Step 3:

Watch the videos and learn!

Each training Module contains the following:

– Overview of the entire Module

– Overview of each section

– Demo

– Practice (Sometimes)

– Quiz

Once I finish all of the training for my designated exam, I am confident that I will pass with flying colors!!

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