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I’ve been doing a little bit of work with the Electronic Reporting engine in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, and I ran into a little trick that I wasn’t able to find listed on any forums, Yammer groups, LCS issues, or blog posts.

What was I trying to do?

I was creating a custom payment model to export a payment file.  Since this file was going to have multiple records and could have multiple different types of payments, I needed a nice clean identifier for each record.  I wanted to use a number sequence to help me, and in walks NUMSEQVALUE to help.

How did NUMSEQVALUE help me?

This all stems from the addition of the NUMSEQVALUE formula last year.  There’s a couple of ways to use it (syntax here at Docs); I was using the NUMSEQVALUE (number sequence code) version.  After creating a standard, company-specific number sequence for my records to use, I tried to add it to a new column in my data model.


This worked just fine for a single record, but when I tried to generate a file with more than one record, I received an error message saying the number had already been used.

What was the problem?

The number sequence was marked as continuous.  I’m not real sure what happened during run-time, but for some reason Electronic Reporting wasn’t able to take out more than one number at a time.  When I switched off the continuous checkbox on the number sequence, the file generated just as I’d expect – with multiple instances of the number sequence being used.

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