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Easy sales management with Outlook and Dynamics 365 mobile apps for iOS

If you haven’t installed it yet, take a look at the Outlook mobile app for iOS on Apple’s App Store. This is a must have for Office 365 users but also works great with other email providers and cloud accounts. I gave it a test drive just after it launched and haven’t looked back since.  Check out this list of cool features from Daniel Rubino if you don’t believe me.

Aside from the awesome app and inherent productivity bump you’ll see once you start using it, be prepared to have your mind blown. By accident I stumbled upon the integration settings that also includes a section called “add-ins.”

Connect your favorite apps and services it said.  Don’t mind if I do.

Outlook app for iOS add-ins

Admittedly, yes, I found this setup trying to up my Outlook GIF game but was impressed to see a wide range of additions to this already awesome productivity app. Most notably I thought to install and try out the Dynamics 365 add-in and in a few simple clicks was creating Leads and adding Contacts easily from my email client on my iPhone. Don’t believe me? Give it a try:

Install add on

Open up the Outlook app and click the home button then select settings by clicking the gear in the bottom left corner.

Settings in Outlook mobile app for iOS

Scroll about halfway down and find the add-ins section and select the button.

Settings detail for Outlook mobile app on iOS

Then just choose which add-ins you want to include in the app.

Find email with relevant sales data

Back in the Outlook app, scroll to whichever email you want to engage and select it.

Outlook mobile app InboxSelect the add-in

Within the header of the email press on the ellipses.

Outlook add-in options within an emailOpen on the Dynamics 365 app

A pop up will appear with your add-in options. Select the Dynamics 365 app.

Outlook mobile app add-in pop upReview your data

You’ll now be able to see your email data within D365. From here you can take several actions.

Dynamics 365 Mobile app view

You could set this email regarding an existing sales motion or add as a Lead or Contact. Since I’d like to track this email as the beginning stages of a Lead, I’ll mark it accordingly.

Create new record

My Lead is partially filled in just waiting for me to complete the process and save the record.

Lead form for mobile D365 app

Now you’ll be able to keep your sales pipeline up to date and accurate, which hopefully helps you stay closer to your customers and ultimately win more work. But don’t forget the final step…

Put the phone down, eventually

I know what you’re thinking, and this is just too cool. It’s going to save you a lot of time if you’re a Dynamics user, but also it’s a bit addictive.  A win for accurate data, surely, but remember to eat and sleep and go outside the house from time to time too. Email and CRM connected seamlessly on your phone – with great power comes great responsibility.

If I missed a step or you have some feedback feel free to let us know by contacting us or sending an email to info at dynamicconsulting dot com.


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