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Dynamic Consulting recovery and project support services

When Failure Isn’t an Option

If you’re onboarding Microsoft Dynamics but struggling to keep the implementation on time and on budget, we can support your project’s completion.

A failed implementation can cost a business a significant amount of time and revenue. Dynamic Consulting specializes in recovering runaway projects, defining business processes, and completing projects using Dynamics best practices and expert customizations.

Microsoft Dynamics Project Recovery Services

Third-Party Integration Support

Third-Party addons can remove silos and help your business applications work well together. But if they’re implemented incorrectly or if they’re not effectively designed, you can end up with integration issues. Your users end up duplicating efforts in multiple systems or not trusting the integrity of your data. When you lack a single source of truth in your data, it’s a clear indicator that you have integration issues. Let Dynamic Consulting work out third-party application issues to restore data integrity and user trust. 

Investigating Persistence Performance Issues

If you’re implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, and you’re struggling with performance, it can be an indication of a poorly implemented project. Dynamic Consulting takes a strategic approach to find the issues. We troubleshoot performance issues in your data, investigate index and SQL Server problems, then review CPU and disk space to make sure you have enough resources to run all your processes and applications. Finally, we’ll look at your workflows, configurations, and processes.

Support and Training

A Microsoft Dynamics implementation is technically a technology project, but many failures happen because of a lack of managing the expectations of end users. Training becomes a critical aspect of the project’s success and a direct indicator of return on investment. Working with Dynamic Consulting means working with a team familiar with the people side of your project. 

Great Microsoft Dynamics Implementations depend on good partnerships.

Did you choose an implementation partner who wasn’t a good fit to complete your implementation? It happens. A large ERP project takes a big degree of trust and confidence between your business and your partner. At Dynamic Consulting, we bring strategy and process back into your project. We use our industry expertise and Microsoft Dynamics knowledge to get you back on track.

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Project Onboarding and Discovery

Work through our Microsoft Dynamics onboarding process to get us up-to-speed quickly and efficiently.


Identify Project Bottlenecks and Roadblocks

Through our customized blueprint process, we find the people, processes and technologies holding your implementation back.


Execute Project Support

We get you implemented and online as fast as possible, solving complex problems in steps and with dedicated support.

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