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Microsoft Dynamics is a completely customizable business application. It can do almost everything. But with that flexibility comes challenges: license costs, security, scalability, workflow changes and technical support can hinder a business as it grows and changes. An outdated ERP that doesn’t reflect the modern business does nothing but hold it back. Trust a partner like Dynamic Consulting with a record of success in Microsoft Dynamics support.

Full Service Microsoft Dynamics Support

Workflow and Integration Support

The technology that supports your people needs to be as adaptable as the business it enables. Dynamic Consulting can integrate new applications and define new workflows. We can handle every aspect of Dynamics 365 support, including training, ticket backlogs, and development support. Trust our team to deliver the best in ongoing Microsoft Dynamics 365 workflow and integration support. 

Licencing and Cost Control

Working with modern versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 means you need to understand how business applications in the Azure cloud are provisioned and licenced. Working with a Microsoft partner for support as your Microsoft Dynamics application grows, means you can save an incredible amount of money and build a roadmap to control and mitigate future costs.

Security and Data

You can’t fully support a large business application like Microsoft Dynamics without understanding how your data is structured and secured. Dynamic Consulting support services ensures your data is continuously available, scalable and secure.

Build sustaining value for your business.

Dynamics 365 is not a set-it-and-forget-it application. It is designed to be a technological reflection of your business processes and needs to change and adapt with your business’s growth. Optimize your operations and engage your customers as their needs change by continuing to invest in the evolution of your critical business systems. Dynamic Consulting partners with your organization over the lifetime of your business to make sure you’re getting more out of your applications every step of the way.

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Identify changing company requirements

Are you adding new processes? Changing integration needs? We gather requirements alongside your operational plans, so you can see how technology can enable your business.


Create an annual roadmap

Together we map any workflow or licensing changes that will impact your operational or customer management processes. Depending on the scale of changes, we can design a blueprint or deliver a new workflow analysis for you to consider.


 Execute and Optimize

We execute the support requests while monitoring your application performance and security. Then we help your team to use the new workflows and functionalities before disengaging.

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