Sure Step

Sure Step: founding a successful Microsoft Dynamics implementation

Microsoft’s Sure Step methodology guides the process from start to finish, comprehensively addressing every aspect of a Dynamics 365 deployment ensuring a predictable delivery to your business.


Complete, thorough and exhaustive.

That is the essence of a Dynamics 365 implementation using the Sure Step methodology. Every discussion, decision, design choice, initial test, first deployment, training effort, and final sign-off is recorded through a catalog of purpose-built documentation.


Left alone, Sure Step can overwhelm the process and bog the implementation team down with a lot of overhead. Dynamic Consulting’s methodology differs in key area to streamline the entire process and gives us the fundamental framework we will use in your implementation. Adapted based on years of experience we will rightsize the key components for your business.

Microsoft's Sure Step methodology for implementing Dynamics 365.



In the first phase, the company’s processes and structure are evaluated. Requirements are first set forth, and a detailed scope of work is created.
Project Phase


Next, the methodology calls for fit-gap analysis, the finalization of the Functional Requirements, and the development of the Environment Specification.
Project Phase


The Functional, Technical, and Solution Design documents are produced. Data migration plan is finalized, and testing criteria are developed.
Project Phase


At this phase, the standard solution is configured, and any custom coding necessary to support the solution is created. Training documentation is created.
Project Phase


Here, the production environment is created, data is migrated to it, and go-live checks are performed. User training is conducted, and the system goes into use.
Project Phase


Finally, the system goes live, outstanding issues are dealt with, and user hand-off is performed. The project is completely reviewed, and ongoing support begins.


Sure Step offers guidance on best practices for analyzing the live system. Results are compared to requirements, and possible improvements are identified.


Guidance is also provided for re-examining business processes after the implementation, and making any required or desired upgrades.

How To Get Started:



Develop a Blueprint



Review Your Prototype



Start Your Implementation

Sure Step Documents

Microsoft created thousands of Sure Step documents. We think these are the 6 most critical to focus on for a successful Dynamics Implementation. They’re the basis of the ones we use every day, and since they’re hard to find – here you go!

Project Charter

Fit Gap Document

Functional Design

Testing Scripts

Training Plan

Status Report

Let us bring the power of Dynamics 365 to your organization

A successful implementation requires a thorough process and keen attention to detail. Dynamic Consulting offers exactly that, along with our hard-won knowledge and experience.


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