Master planning performance – history

Master planning performance troubleshooting In Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, planning departments typically run master planning regenerations in batch overnight.  When the planning [...]

Meet Dynamic Consulting at the upcoming AXUG Kentucky chapter meeting next month

Excited to see JAKE RODER and JON STYPULA from Dynamic Consulting join AXUG KY chapter again and educate the community on BOMs and Power BI!   You may remember Jake from the December 2015 meeting [...]

MRP Walkthrough

We’ve done a number of blog posts about master planning in various versions of Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365. Below is a video of a webinar we did through MSDynamicsWorld. Here’s some [...]

Brush up on MRP at AXUG St. Louis Chapter meeting

Join us for the next Missouri (St. Louis) Chapter meeting on February 18, 2016 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm! Dynamic Consulting will be presenting on MRP Tips and Tricks at the AXUG St. Louis Chapter [...]

Why is it called a futures message?

Good question.  Since I didn’t design AX, I can’t speak for the people that originally wrote the label.  However, I DO know that this term has caused confusion in the past.  In fact, [...]

MRP tips and tricks

Last week, I participated in the most heavily attended AXUG session that I’ve personally seen.  There were around 80 people gathered together at a customer location in northern Kentucky.  [...]

I have on-hand inventory – let me use it!

I was looking through the daily blast of updates on the AXUG forum the other day, and I saw a response to an MRP question from a highly involved person in the AXUG community – Tad Dockstader.  In [...]

Min/max coverage codes

How to handle safety stock in Dynamics AX Another thing I’ve run across during my time leading sessions for the AXUG and consulting on Dynamics AX master planning questions is some confusion over [...]

Why do I get cancel action messages on planned orders?

Cancel messages? Why bother!? Every time I lead a session for one of the many AXUG conferences or a class for the AXUG Academy, I always hear the following question: “Why do I get cancel action [...]

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